Sunday, September 4, 2016

8 I Almost Ran After a Mad Man

Have you ever heard a story like a woman speaks to a man on the road and his wallet disappears or a man shakes a woman and immediately loses his kini?

The fact is that gists like that abound and people tend to be careful when dealing with strangers. While I have never been a full believer or non-believer of these tales, I now know where I stand as I would have greatly risked the life of an innocent person.

     An okada had just alighted in front of my compound and I was about to state my destination when I felt a hand on my shoulder followed with the words ‘baby wassup?’
I was surprised and turned around to see a man dressed in a bright-coloured shirt and worn-out pair of jeans. He looked cynical and as I quickly hopped on the bike in fear, the bike man chipped in that he is a popularly known insane man on the street and he has been that way for years.

He had started the engine when I joked about her people use touch and follow to magnet other people’s property such as phones, money, wallets and co and proceeded to check my bag for my phone. May God forbid o.

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     Lo and behold, I looked into my bag and could not find it. Immediately, I got down and emptied the contents of my bag on the floor to still find nothing. I mean, like joke like joke my phone has just been magneted or what?
‘Okada speed!’ I screamed, pointing to the direction of the mad man that had already gone some distance, ‘im don collect de phone, na im make im dey waka fast’ I added impatiently.

The bike man looked mortified and calmly asked ‘you believe sey im don do you touch and follow? You for check your house first now.’

I was getting very agitated already but decided to go home and take a look, telling the okada man to zoom off to follow the mad man in case I came out screaming. I went into the house and saw my phone on the bed, looking so beautiful and undisturbed.

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     First I heaved a sigh of relief and then proceeded to rethink how the incidence would have played out. If I had screamed ‘thief!’ that mad man would probably have been beaten without proper investigation and I would have acted the victim, then I would have gone home to find my phone on the bed. Of course, there is no way I would have told the excited unlookers that I merely forgot it at home while an innocent man was nearly beaten to death and it would have been kept a secret.

Tomorrow, it would have appeared in the papers: Mad Man Taps Girl on Shoulder and Phone Goes Missing.


  1. Hahaha. I can imagine oh. Thank God you listened to the bike man.
    Laitanbee Blog

    1. I'm indeed glad I did. I hope you're doing very well Coco, do have an amazing day.

  2. Haaaaa! LOL. Thank God for the voice of reason that was the bike man.
    I'm very skeptical about the touch and follow stories, esp the ones about men's willies going missing. Then a very intelligent and reasonable friend said it happened on her street and a man's pim actually disappeared and a woman who had tapped him was caught. Wonders

    1. I used to have a sit-on-the-fence attitude towards stories like that but after what happened, I know where I stand now. A person could be very apprehensive and feel what indeed is not there are or think something isn't there while it is in fact, present. Such outcry have cost innocent people their lives. I'm beginning ti imagine how the man's private could have disappeared, where to exactly? Perhaps your friend saw it or re-iterated what she heard from a fellow passerby.

      We should make proper investigations of things like this before coming to conclusions that could harm others and ourselves inclusive. Thanks for your comment and have a beautiful day, Sandra.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Repeated comment, I had to take this off.

  4. My comments seem to be disappearing :(. Anyway, I'm glad this story ended the way it did. It's sad the way we administer jungle justice to certain 'class of thieves'...

    1. I'm sorry about that Amarachi, I was experiencing some issues with my log's template which I have now resolved.

      Well, you know what they say about thieves: steal big and get celebrated. Steal small and get castigated. This experience indeed thought me to always think thoroughly before acting.


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